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Students are expected to be polite and respectful to everyone on campus and to follow the directions of all school officials. It is a mark of courtesy to greet people and to respond when greeted.

· Students are expected to arrive at school on time and go directly to class on Monday when the bell rings at 7.30 a.m. Any student who is not seated in class ready for a meeting with the registration teacher is considered late. For the rest of the week students must go directly to assembly as directed when the bell rings at 7.30. Any student who is not in his/her form line at 7.35 is considered late.

·English is the official language of the school and the language of instruction. Students are encouraged to speak English at all times at school (excluding, of course, modern language lessons).

·Students should treat all school property with respect – textbooks, furniture, walls, sports equipment, computers etc. Students will be required to pay for any lost, stolen or damaged property.

·Students may not leave school grounds during the regular school day without written permission from the administration. If a parent is taking a child off campus during the school day, s/he must notify the administration in advance and get a written note from the administration.

· Gum chewing is not allowed on campus.

·Sifundzani is a drug-free environment. This means the use of cigarettes, alcohol and illegal drugs are prohibited at all times on the premises. Remember all students are viewed as the school’s ambassadors both in and out of school (see student pledge)

· Bunking class or any school activity during the day is a serious offence as it creates serious security and academic issues.

· Cheating, copying another student’s work and plagiarism are serious offences and will result in disciplinary action.

·Students moving outside classrooms during class sessions should do so quietly, and they must have permission form the teacher.

· Public displays of affection are not appropriate on campus or on school trips and events. As a multi cultural school, Sifundzani maintains a high level of cultural sensitivity in this area. Students who disregard this guideline will receive one warning and parents will be called in should another arise.

· Aggressive and abusive behaviour such as stealing, pushing, verbal abuse and fighting are not acceptable. See page 4 of School Policy Documents.

· School computers should be used by students only with the permission of the Computer Instructor, Library Assistant or any other teacher and only when the Teacher or Librarian is present to supervise the student. No food or drinks are allowed in the Library, the Computer Lab or in any classroom unless specifically authorised by the Teacher.

· Obscene language and gestures, racial comments, the use of language or dialect in a disrespectful manner and swearing are contrary to the Sifundzani community ethos and will not be tolerated.

· Students are not allowed to bring inappropriate media to school, including pornography, and religiously or politically inciteful materials.

· Within the context of the above guidelines, every Sifundzani student is expected to:

1. listen when others are speaking

2. follow directions given by staff members

3. come prepared to each class with homework and all necessary books and supplies.

· There is no room on the timetable for visiting friends or relatives; unauthorised visitors will not be allowed. If for emergency reasons a parents requests to see a student during school hours, the administration must be contacted with the help of the Security Officer. Lost and Found Students should:

· write their names in the front of all books, on any personal items such as clothing, wallets/purses, pencil cases etc

· take care of all school-issued books or materials. Students must pay for books or materials that are lost or damaged beyond normal wear

· keep valuable possessions at home

· report found items to the administration office, where a “lost and found’ box is located. Property Damage (see page 4, School Policy Document) Students are expected to respect the property of the school, as well as the property of other students and adults. Students are held financially responsible for repair or replacement costs for any breakage, destruction or defacing of property, whether willful or not, as well as possibly being subject to disciplinary action. This includes vandalism of any type, graffiti and marking or scratching the surface of walls, desks, doors or writing inappropriate words anywhere on campus.

Cellphone Policy

No student cellphone will be allowed on campus during the school day i.e. from 7.30 until 15.40. Any cellphone discovered on a student will be confiscated and held by the school until the end of school term, irrespective of whatever excuse or request may be offered in order the phone to be released.

Locker Rules

Lockers are rented on first-come-first served basis. An annual locker rental cost E60.00

· No possessions should be left in the lockers over night. All lockers must be emptied by 4.00 p.m.

· No sharing of lockers – each student is responsible for the key issued to him/her. At no point should one student’s key be found with another student.

· No bags or any other possessions should be left on top of the banks of lockers. Items found on the lockers will be confiscated and can be redeemed with a E5.00 fine from the lost and found kitty.

· Any student found abusing lockers e.g. breaking, pushing gabbage, trying keys, kicking (list in exhaustive) will be disciplined.

· Access to lockers is allowed only at the following periods: - before registration - during breaks - 5 minutes at beginning of P.E. lessons and afternoon activities - Afterschool

· Lost keys are replaceable only once at a cost of E5.00, if the key has been misplaced at home. The next time a key is lost the lock is replaced at a cost of E20.00 NB.

To ensure that the security of student’s possessions in lockers we find it safer to replace a lock than replacing a key.

· If a students’ locker has been vandalized; it should be reported immediately to Mr. Richards or the prefect in charge.

· For safekeeping all locker keys must be submitted to the Registration Teachers at the end of each term. They will be re-issued at the beginning of term.

NB. Failure to comply with any school rules and regulations lead to disciplinary action according to the Code of Conduct.



Because cellphones are useful in case of emergency, staff and students can bring cell phones to school. However, to avoid disruption of classes, CELLPHONES OF STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM and should not be used during the school day except in an emergency, which should be reported to the administration office before using the cellphone. Any phone that goes off during a class will be confiscated.

Consequences of Violating this Guideline

First Offence: the teacher will take the cellphone to the Principal. The student can collect the cellphone after school. Second Offence: the cellphone will be taken to the Principal, and parents will be called in to collect the cellphone. Third Offence: students will lose the privilege of carrying a cellphone to school.


· Disruptions in school resulting from issues centered around cellphones, happening either in our out of campus will not be tolerated. Students involved may lose the privilege of carrying a cellphone with the possibility of disciplinary action.

Recess/Break Areas

Students are not allowed to leave the school during break. Sitting areas within defined boundaries can be used and shared by students. Specifically, students are not to be near the parking areas, the big hall or behind the art hall. Because it is important for students to have a real break from schoolwork, it is preferable that they leave the classroom unless requested to stay by the teacher to complete work or for detention. In that event, the student will be given at least 10 minutes of break in which to eat a snack before class resumes.

Please download code of conduct document here



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