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The main requirements for admissions to Forms One, Two and Three are as follows:

(i) a good pass in SPC examination (applicable only to students from primary schools in Swaziland applying into Form 1)

(ii) At least a passing grade in the Sifundzani High Schools in Mathematics, English and verbal reasoning assessment tests, i.e. entrance test.

(iii) Evidence from interview and school reports that the student’s presence will enrich the atmosphere of the school.

(iv) A good report from the previous Head teacher

(v) The student has not been asked to leave another school.

The main requirement for admission into Form 5 (AS Level) is as follows:

any student who has achieved at least a grade B in five subjects (including English Language) at IGCSE. The applicant should be able to offer the subjects according to the following subject set-up:

1. First Language English and Literature (compulsory)

2. Mathematics

3. History or Physical Science

4. Art and Design or Accounting

5. Geography

6. Economics

7. Business Studies

8. French or Portuguese


9. ICDL (compulsory)-- no admission requirement

Each student is expected to do a minimum of 4 subjects and a maximum of 5 subjects.



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